Rental, Sanitizing and Cleaning of Sanitary Bins

Sanitary Bins Hygiene units are installed and fully maintained during the contract period.

• Hygiene’s sanitary waste disposal service helps you dispose of feminine hygiene waste in a safe, sensitive and environmentally friendly manner.

• We’ll provide each toilet cubicle in your ladies’ bathrooms, No Touch feminine hygiene unit. Our sanitary bins are designed to fit neatly alongside the toilet.

• A waste transfer certificate is available.


Comprehensive Deep Cleaning and Complementary
Services Offered

Residential, Commercial and Rental Properties as well as rental of equipment.

Standard Package Includes:

• Wash & Sanitise Floors
• Decrease Kitchen Surfaces, Stoves, Filters and Outlets
• Sanitise and Demold Bathrooms
• Cleaning and Dusting of Surfaces
• Remove Household Garbage

Extra Services Offered: (Price available on Request)

During and After Event Cleaning
• Personnel for Events
• Defrosting and Cleaning of Freezers
• Cleaning of Windows


cleaning equipment

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